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Areas of Expertise and Service:

Professional Development Experience:

  • "Helper's Helper"- counseling or coaching for first responders, professionals or activists w/ workplace burnout and/or vicarious trauma;

  • Consultation for organizations interested in the development of radically inclusive, culturally-informed practices;

  • Professional mediation.

  • (Signed contract for specific services and retainer required before services begin.)

Family Services Experience (Coaching, Mediation, Counseling):

  • SAFE (adoption) home studies;

  • Advising or mediating custody/visitation disputes;

  • Behavioral intervention in school and home settings;

  • Domestic abuse;

  • Grief counseling;

  • Counseling for teens, gender non-binary, women & men;

  • Counseling for traditional and non-traditional family units & all cultures; Trans individuals strongly supported;

  • Specialty in biracial/multiracial identity & cross-cultural communication;

  • Bilingual Spanish/"Spanglish" speakers are supported and the multiple cultural contexts understood.


Individual Services Experience (Coaching, Mediation, Counseling/Therapy):

  • Secular Sobriety coaching; Modern 12 Step Process, supported, as well

  • Life Coaching for those who yearn for creative expression or new interests;

  • Help w/ cultural identity for those with multicultural upbringing;

  • Supportive services for undocumented individuals during deportation proceedings/assessment of hardship;

  • Victims of human trafficking, other sexual abuse.

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We comply with all applicable requirements for the HIPAA, Client's Rights Disclosure Form. Westcloud's Client Information, Consent to Treatment Forms will be provided to each therapy client.



Individualized designs for "More than "Racism 101" -type workshops = Intersectionality focus for those who have already lived a multicultural existence or are in a current cultural challenge due to special personal or professional challenge plus strive to evolve and learn more.

Multicultural celebration and education for events using music cultures, as in her internationally available show online through Sonoma County California NPR Station 104.9 FM  "Sherry's Diaspora Dance Party" 

Live broadcasts & the archive for past shows here!

Sherry's Diaspora Dance Party


About Westcloud Inclusion & Wellness

Westcloud Inclusion and Wellness provides organizational and  individual services primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Video conferencing meetings are available nationwide through a secure zoom account.  Sherryl Weston is also available for professional speaking engagements worldwide.
Blog Posts are to encourage deep thought about challenging current issues. Posts written by others represent their views, but  may not necessarily represent those of Ms. Weston. Sherryl's may be quoted with proper reference or shared in entirety, with total credit to the author. All photos and images are the exclusive property of Sherryl N Weston MA, MSW,and may be shared, but only when attached to the essay or item in question. Questions on other alternatives should be directed to Ms. Weston by email or in a message through this site..

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