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Bio for Sherryl N Weston MA, MSW, LICSW & her Worldwide NPR Radio Show


Sherryl holds a Master’s in Special Education with a focus on Emotional and Behavioral Disorders from the University of Colorado at Greeley and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver. First working as a special education teacher and spending significant time on community service as it relates to women’s health and domestic violence, she then spent time as a child and adult protection worker, serving Natives, undocumented immigrant, human trafficked individuals, refugees and more


Her inclusion specialty involves the effects of changing demographics, international issues and healthy biracial/bicultural identity's connection to strong self-concept and solutions to personal struggles. Many other issues relative to new immigrants and refugees from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean are within her expertise and personal experience. Her focus is inclusive of LGBTQI+ in all areas. Other areas include: cultural integration concerns, parenting, maintaining sober relationships, teen sexuality and family violence. In her social justice and inclusion work, the issues of the developmental process of becoming an ally, of black-brown unity and also the effects of internalized oppressions and white fragility are of significant focus.

Work-life balance, fun sober living and embracing cultural celebration is supported by Sherryl's free  radio show, (live streaming & live radio) available WORLDWIDE "Sherry's Diaspora Dance Party" every Sunday 3pm-4pm USA Pacific Time, WEEKLY on Sonoma Cty. California  Smiles and fun are important to healing! You'll learn something, too! It's the celebration on the African Diaspora's music and dance traditions. Salsa, Afrobeats, R&B, Rock en Español and MORE!

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