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Experiential Classes & Workshops

(CEU certificates available ~ All can be adjusted to meet specific learning goals ~ SLIDING SCALE available)

I can design one on a subject of your choosing! -or:

Discuss "American-born Foreigner: A Black Woman's Story" with interactive exercises (featured after page 300 in the book)

Effective Activism: How to Build a Bridge so that you may engage common concerns across races and ethnicities.

Challenging Your Multicultural Savvy" More than Racism 101! Those interested in furthering their abilities to problem-solve complex family systems or detect issues in new demographics. It is based on real-life encounters in diverse client populations. Can be made suitable for interns and a range of professional levels of experience-or- personalized private growth activities

Workplace Morale and Cultural Savvy What we bring to work with us and how to improve relationships.


Healthy Sexuality for Teen Girls or Women   *PROGRESSIVE*  self-awareness and growth activities For "high-risk" girls who are already sexually active or have had a birth or an abortion, we take an interactive approach to boundary setting, "myth-busting," body image and answering the questions they have. Information is the best prevention! For women we build a personalized curriculum.

"Parenting Happy, Healthy Bicultural Children" -a full day workshop, helps blended families, biological parents, foster parents and adoptive parents learn to be sophisticated, realistic and proactive about building healthy self esteem. The experiential and multicultural information covered, in part, by the material attached to Sherryl's autoethnography, "American-born Foreigner: A Black Woman's Story on Sherryl's, Ingram Spark and other sources
Support Groups/Small Group Consultation
or Individual Sessions:
Difficult Co-parenting & Custody Battles           
Parenting Difficult Behaviors                                         
Self-Care & Work-Life Balance                         
Secular Sobriety Maintenance                         
Healing Religious Abuse                               
New Mom Support & Play Group
Single Again? New Challenges
Securing Adult Biracial Identity
New Immigrant Social Challenges                                                                                                   



Handmade multicultural dolls are used for experiential activities during workshops

"International Doll Family" Workshop gives the explanations about multicultural identity in an experiential fashion re: transracial adoptees, missionaries' kids, military "brats," U.S. Indigenous youth, biracial kids, et. al. You'll learn a lot!

Multicultural youngsters hold inclusive flags to show alliance with all humans
Handmade multicultural dolls are used for experiential activities during workshops
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