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 Payment for Coaching, Classes and Consulting

Option #A:  Wellness Services / Personalized Parenting Class


  • Available in the Bay area in-person or nationwide via Duo, Zoom, etc. (always with CDC Guidelines in place)

*Feeling down? Frustrated? Disorganized? Let's work on your plan! Work-life balance may seem out of fashion, but wellness is not optional. Stress and overwork take their toll, plus exacerbate any other struggle you may have.

Option #B: Workshops, Consulting,
Speaking Engagement


*Working with an organization that needs help? It takes more than defining inclusion to fully engage today's world. Here's your chance to join the intersecting road toward that clean bill of cross cultural health.

To order a service, send a message to set up a contract.

UnitySymbol 2018.png

What does the Unity Symbol mean?


We understand that this is not a simple matter. Many additional groups, interests, or issues could have been included.  Plus, the best symbol to use is often a matter of debate.  But our goal was to convey the general message of unity, so we focused on including a representative sampling and using symbols that are widely recognized.  We hope you like the result!

Below is a detailed description of what each part of the symbol means.

Rainbow bands:

Top band of red, black, and green: colors commonly associated with African-Americans

Bottom multicolored rainbow: commonly associated with LGBTQI+ rights

Blue background: sky and water, representing climate issues & the health of the planet

Starting at 12 o’clock & moving clockwise

“Unity” in Arabic
Star and crescent symbol to represent Islam 
Feather to represent Indigenous peoples
"Unity” in French
"Om” symbol to represent Eastern religions, especially Hinduism
Symbol for Unitarian Universalism 
Symbol to represent Latinas and Latinos (LatinX/Latin@)
Star of David symbol to represent Judaism
“Unity” in Spanish
Cross symbol to represent Christianity
One of the current gender diversity symbols

Other information: 

Consultation and coaching rates are based on one hour segments and can be negotiated.


Full day and made-to-order workshops prepared for organizations will be priced on a case-by-case basis. For a full explanation of the sliding scale program guidelines and how to qualify, please use the Contact tab to outline your questions and concerns.


There are a limited number of reduced cost slots for each service, so a discount may not be available in all cases.


Victim Compensation Payments Accepted

Write any concerns or questions on the Contact form.

(Older buttons may show "2016 Unity Symbols Limited" *To order buttons or stickers, send a message from our Contact page)

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