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Sexual Consent?

Lascivious gossip is taking up too much of our news reports. But indicated here is a societal value that relates to all of us who are female or who care about a female: We heard Stormy Daniels say,

"I got myself into this position [the sexual act] so I had to do it." We heard the interviewer ask her "Did you want to do it?" and she said, "No." She said she chose to go along.

Let's look at the value system here rather than pick at whether the situation itself is truth or not.

This speaks to a value we women are subtly taught by the men AND WOMEN of our lives, beginning at our puberty: that men have privilege and it's our fault if something goes farther than we want.

We owe him.

Think about that--as a parent, as a friend, as a family member, etc. If we support this logic, what value does it perpetuate, which gives us all culpability in the problems we now face? And I am sure it is not popular to link this with what she has chosen to do for a living and why.


#WestcloudWisdom (C) 2018 Sherryl N Weston MA MSW (LCSW pending in CA)

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